QQ products under the domain name Tencent for god horse with these domain names

Tencent diversified development, from all kinds of products, instant messaging tool to the gaming industry to SNS, product safety, search market, Tencent has been continuously developing and expanding industry, the way of Tencent is a domain name protection measures accompanying with.


QQ instant chat follow the overseas ICQ

1999, the Tencent launched OICQ instant messaging software, and registered with the OICQ.com and OICQ.net domain name, the Tencent of this product follows early in the overseas popular ICQ, the most important reason is the domain name registration is also very similar, but because of infringement, the Tencent lost OICQ.com and OICQ.net these two domains, April 2001, Tencent to give up their own business has long been the brand, and the product was renamed Tencent QQ 2000 renamed Tencent QQ, and enable the tencent.com domain name as the main domain name website brand, after two years of time, the Tencent has been the domain name as an important export penetration site.

portal status competition: Tencent home – Sina

domestic portal competition in China is fierce, such as Sina, Sohu, Phoenix has become portal platform in the industry, the Tencent in this area is involved, the final result of domain name extension problem, the Tencent bought QQ.com domain name in April 2003, was rumored to domain name trading price of 10 million yuan, the domain name. The transaction price is still not clear. The qq.com domain has as its official domain name, but also as a Tencent portal domain, QQ has become the flagship product of the brand, but also helped popularize a series of QQ domain name, Tencent is currently holding qq.com.cn domain name, and other suffixes are still on the folk.

QQ alumni today friends network VS campus network today everyone


was founded in 1999 the school network today that everyone website renren. com, since the development of the social networking site SNS is the typical successful year, renren.com entrepreneurial success, also make Tencent "envy", January 6, 2009, QQ alumni officially launched the two level domain is enabled, compared to the human network to start an independent domain name, Tencent is slightly inferior in this respect Tencent, also continue to explore in the SNS Road, in 2010 June, the cost of one hundred thousand dollars to buy the pengyou.com/.net two domain name, last year after independence in December to enable the pengyou.com domain name, and in July of this year officially changed its name to the net friend.

QQ space – 51 spatial pattern competition


51 personality space 51.com 2005

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