Pig eight quit financing and operation of several major doubt

      financing pig Witkey network recently, IT industry is some hot topic. Some friends have been and I discussed the problem of Witkey mode, I studied the related news online news and pig model, found several doubts, to share with you:

      doubt one: 10 million yuan financing moisture

      pig claim Chongqing born technology company 10 million yuan investment risk. What is the point of this sentence? 10 million yuan in the end what is the unit, the RMB or US dollar, or the euro, the yen. Pig eight quit network CEO Zhu Mingyue made 8 years of reporters, it is impossible to disclose such important information is not disclosed in the news.

      the reason is only two, or is this reporter for 8 years in vain, or press the lack of confidence, want to blow $10 million fear others do not believe, simply do not write unit.

      China’s Internet industry prevalent exaggerated financing figures, there has been a start-up company, financing $1 million into 10 million U.S. dollars, and then find the newspaper crazy hype. These things we can see it is not strange, however, the venture capital companies do not disclose the unit, only to disclose the number is really rare.

      doubt two: Pig = designer home?

      more than seventy percent of the task is to design logo, making web pages, painting banner, designing t-shirts. At first glance, it is thought to be the site of the designers of the earlier – Designer home. In addition to these products, another ten percent to twenty of the task is to give the child the name, the company name, write a film review of what.

      bulk network outsourcing services may choose to quit? I think it is very difficult. Outsourcing services involving large transactions, such as advertising design, 4A software development, bidding mechanism, perfect the existing authentication mechanism, release the task to "retail" on the Internet, on the one hand, it is difficult to attract design level, on the other hand, easy to leak of commercial secrets.

      therefore, the existing pig model, to help people collect some money, it is difficult to make a lot of money. As before, pig eight quit claims of 300 thousand single task orders, I personally think the water is too large, it is difficult to convince people.

      three points: the first publisher not refund

      pig eight quit mode of operation, the task of the publisher, you need to first hit the site, however >

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