Suggesting that the high background of the two sites were closed


"leadership information network" and "making true communication" was closed.

is responsible for the two sites. October 22nd, the site was closed about a week ago, the site resident researcher Raymond Lam in the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was accused of using forged documents, the police administrative detention for 10 days.

Raymond Lam holds the certificates including editing certificate, certificate and certificate research work. Similar to the press cards, printed documents cover emblem, page stated: "according to the relevant provisions of the state, the holder can be obtained during the work priority in transportation, communication, accommodation etc.."

in Beijing the first East International Building three, name card is displayed as "information network, Chinese senior leadership decision-making reference for communication research center director of the office of the He Bin told reporters, because companies do not know the site is closed, as Raymond Lam played under the banner of the State Council, is banned.

On the website of

reporter in September of this year the screenshot shows, websites claiming to be sponsored by the China regional strategic decision Committee, "communication" is reported making true confidential material the senior leadership of the Central Committee and the state council.

from the documents to the site are hinted at the high level of close contact with the two sites, why will be closed?.

"resident researcher" said "I am writing to the head of the central reference"

"you minister to where? This time, the office did not see?" October 22nd 15 pm, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Party Committee Propaganda Department network office director Kuang Lin, was suddenly a question interrupted the work at hand.

Kuang Lin recalls, when the door stood 3 men. Led by an age of 40 years, a handful of hair hanging in the middle of the forehead. "He was wearing similar photographers often wear the vest, vest the left chest also printed the emblem, emblem below and back seemed to be printed with" making true communication "." Although a month later, the Propaganda Department staff still have memories of the man’s image.

propaganda department vice minister Yu Chunlong told China Youth Daily reporter, he followed the man in his office. When he was asked about the identity of the man, the other showed 3 of this document: China leadership information network editing permit, work permit, decision making true communication communication research reference card.

November 20th, the reporter saw the documents in Nanchang Kau Bridge police station. Documents cover are brown, with national emblem, in page holder’s name is "Raymond Lam", a permit for time in July 22, 2013.

in China senior leadership information network documents, Raymond Lam duties as news editing member; in making true communication documents, their duties are research two resident researcher.

police asked the video display, Raymond Lam on the bright card >

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