Buy website Zha winter Competition and integrity is the main reason for closing

service content and service capability is the key factor to buy site " laugh to the last ". From the beginning of the network to focus on product refinement, personalized service, adhere to the integrity of the first, so that consumers really get benefits

suddenly like a spring breeze. From last year, the group as a new form of online consumption gradually favored by consumers, showing rapid development trend. However, more than a year later, in the increasingly cold weather, while the site is also facing the development of winter.


survey found that at the end of October this year, more than 5 thousand and 700 domestic group purchase website, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 group purchase site closed or exit the group purchase market, accounting for all the operation of group purchase site in 26%, which only in October, there are 500 group purchase sites stop updating or put up the shutters.

analysis of the reasons for the group buying site closed, nothing more than two: first, the rapid development of the group, the industry increasingly fierce competition, while buying a different site, uneven service levels. A lot of group purchase similar sites, fine differentiation, individuation is not obvious, in the face of fierce market competition, the lack of product advantages and service advantages of the group purchase website was eliminated, is also reasonable.

second, group purchase complaints and integrity issues frequently exposed, affecting consumer confidence, damage the reputation of the industry, more and more consumers become more rational and prudent. " ". Some group purchase website which will lead to tight funds, business chain broken, can only change policy, find another way.

should admit that, as a new business model, buy from the beginning of the bubble. For more than a year, because of the rapid pace of development, group purchase sites get the funds crazy burn, smashing advertising, leading the entire industry profits decline. With the decline in revenue, rising costs, the industry bubble gradually squeezed out, broken, some sites operating difficulties, one after another into the " winter ", it is inevitable.

, for example, have reported that due to marketing, marketing expenses and general administrative expenses of the sharp rise in the first half of last year, handle network net loss of 4 million 366 thousand yuan, to the first half of this year, has a net loss of 390 million yuan, is 90 times in the first half of last year. For orders, many group purchase websites competing lower profits, even free frequency do Peibenshengyi, into a vicious spiral.

buy winter, you have to control the pace of development, strengthen management, improve service. There is no doubt that this kind of business model to help consumers save money is no problem, service content and service capabilities is to buy site " laugh to the last ". In the future, the group should adhere to play a good service network card to avoid blind expansion. In the choice of goods, should pay more attention to product refinement, personalized service, so as to be favored by users, and promote the long-term development of enterprises.

The essence of

group buying is mass consumption

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