P2P net loan for 6 years there is a lack of supervision two lines a day

reporter Tang Xunfang Beijing reported

new things always grow and risk coexist.

domestic P2P net loan began to rise in 2007, has been 7 years. The large size of the P2P net loan staff more than 20 thousand people, and a small net loan platform scale is only a few people troupes.

at the beginning of last year, P2P net loan platform turns into closures, let more speed in the development of P2P net loan brings a lot of risk.

recently, a P2P net loan CEO told reporters that, at present, Zhejiang finance office will be introduced for P2P net loan regulatory rules, the development of the P2P network in Zhejiang need to strictly abide by the rules of credit.

2013, P2P net loan platform before the risk will be exposed, a substantial increase in bad debt rate, some P2P net loan platform will collapse." In June 29th, P2P net loan related discussion will be held on the Central University of Finance and Economics, research experts, well-known Internet Financial Financial Institute Central University of Finance and Economics Huang Zhen dished out this statement.

regulatory deficiencies 6 years

in July 1st, reporters confirmed the Zhejiang financial office will introduce regulatory rules, pterosaur loan CEO Wang Sicong said that some information before the pterosaurs loan has been the Lender Borrower and the platform daily operation record to the Wenzhou folk loan registration service center, we also hope to be able to be included in the regulation".

held in June 26th P2P net loan seminar, pat loan, the relevant executives, such as P2P and other related sites have also expressed the hope that the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the central bank to introduce appropriate management measures to regulate. In their view, after the regulation, although there are a lot of requirements to be achieved, but also recognized by the P2P net loan, to regulate the development of milestone node.

but at present, the financial sector has not issued any management measures P2P net loan. Only in September 2011, China CBRC to banking institutions issued a risk warning, P2P net loan has a large potential risk, require the banking institutions to take effective measures to do risk early warning monitoring and prevention.

and regulatory needs imminent.

The red surface

in the rapid development of P2P net loan, bad money drives out good things happen. A P2P loan staff told reporters, now P2P net loan competition is very fierce, we attract lenders practices are basically high return rate, many websites walking a fine line, hit an annualized rate of 24%, the platform also charged intermediary fees, some websites even higher annualized interest rate.

many people take advantage of P2P net loan interest rate high fish in troubled water. P2P net loan given high interest rates, many P2P net loan to raise funds far more than the funds out of its lending." A reluctant to disclose the name of the founder of P2P net loan told reporters, such as

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