Break the ranks of the nternet royalty shackles

      do not know what time from the beginning of kingship and hurried back. The old standard is still rampant, holding a baton shouting their new. In August ALEXA ranking data transaction and the Sohu Sina seating dispute caused intensive concern in the industry.

      through the two closely related events, it can be seen that "deterrence rank" baton to Chinese Internet is too great, even like "Wang Quan", but also a glimpse of the governors of the Internet for "people". While ranking plays an authoritative role to judge public support and flow. Operates its own third of an acre. "The landlord" basically will not be puzzled by these two words, ranking tool Alexa every time "algorithm" or "abnormal change" are pulling domestic website owners and operators executives. "Rank" is a division level, the top is undoubtedly the noble position is in the front, especially in the first few, by all natural worship, regarded as "the symbol of royalty". And hold the kingship will mean what? Of course is to get the strong resources and monopoly, and the kingship is how to get? This process can be summarized with the acquisition and accumulation of resources. Among the resources, ranking and traffic in the strength of the portal competition, as well as advertising business is the main business of many sites, has been ranked in the key position.

      while ranking hits, and the flow is the flow of Internet users rely on, ranking, undoubtedly means many visitors to the site, according to this logic, the public support seems to be clear at a glance?

      network in circulating such a few words "watch the news for Sina, email to NetEase, to chat with QQ, use Baidu to find information, see Alibaba do business, Ctrip hotel booking". There is no doubt that this several industry benchmark holds strong resources in the field, is a network of aristocracy, holds the crown handle". But as we see, these "royal family" hits are not staring at the Internet users, such as Ctrip has been the first step to get rid of the flow and ranking of the constraints, in the accumulation of its users has transcended the simple data contest.

      in the contest, the replacement of kingship has become a historical necessity. The Internet is not possible to "Utopia", she is always a hierarchical, competitive world, grade is also included in the standard can not be used as the "top", as the Sohu and Sina ALEXA ranking battle. Regardless of where the real value of this ranking, and for those who bring what the industry benchmark, but we can be sure of is that oligarch power and old standards have been tied together, lost the power of innovation, any changes are likely to make them unbearable. This will also determine the necessity of the birth of a new life

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