Thunder KanKan is going to end

just opened the mailbox, received the thunder alliance such an e-mail:

below for reference:

to content sharing, on-demand business owners:

To the content provider’s film

1, VOD portal, jump to the content provider domain play; for example, when users click to play the film "swordsman", the player will be to query the server to the "Wulin" provider "victory", to the query result after the player will automatically jump to the page the domain name "following a playpage play, greatly reducing the risk of copyright movies; but for the sake of safety, the player page does not contain any content outside the player.

2, the use of the union player to play, jump to the domain name of the content provider to play, the specific playback mechanism ibid;

3, broadcast on demand service closed little, and no longer use point film and movie on demand release, about closing time at the end of August, please change the site webmaster use technology and edit your own website content as soon as possible.

4, to stop the new look at the channel page, the original site of the business cooperation will be officially closed at the end of August;

5, at the end of August to stop sharing of content updates, the end of September officially closed the content sharing service; recommend such cooperation site selection alliance VOD portal products, allowing users to enjoy a stable online direct broadcast.

although the announcement means (or official language is not completely understand, not easy to understand, ha ha) but probably know Thunder KanKan, should be done soon, at least for our personal webmaster. The thought that the thunder should be very stable, who knows to such a move….

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