Why porn industry can always walk in front of the nternet innovation


the Internet pornography nightkin, similar to Jin Yong’s Mr Dugu to go with the same path is the arena: the same is: they are their own world is different: first, because the first MR Dugu, so lonely, so to defeat his opponent; and pornography industry because the people of the world unwilling to admit, being lonely… .

is the entire Internet porn industry has been in the vanguard: you haven’t thought of when shopping online, you already know "online picture". When you are pleasantly surprised at the time of Youtube, people have been engaged in cross-border electricity supplier (for example: the Japanese version of the XXX film). As the saying goes: three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher. This time from some of the characteristics of pornographic sites as the electricity supplier industry can follow the discussion point

asked him what so clear, as has the springhead of

in the porn site inside the contents of many UGC (user-generated content) model, for now youtube, excellent library, big platform comment period, perhaps we are accustomed to, but in the tree before then follow this pioneer of the porn industry, but few people explain him, and as his model named. About the benefits of consumers upload movie summary off three: meet the modern self realization of economic value; the consumers know what they want; website industry single power is limited, not enough to upload film.

put it bluntly, is Crowdsourcing pornographic website (crowdsourcing) source, and even can be said to be the world’s most successful Crowdsourcing, who can not stop his success. I can’t help thinking that this is true: necessity is the mother of invention. Desire is the Internet continues to challenge the limits of power.

cluster effect

porn sites are often attached to the site around the friends of the station connection, these friends are mostly pornographic sites, we form a group of benefits. This is rarely seen in the electricity business community: he is not easy to make the flow, but also to shunt out. But this mode of operation in Google has been doing for a long time, his way is Google in publisher/e-commerce on advertising drainage, actually this idea Google also in the porn industry has been flattering (we look at many sites, will see the words "Ads by Google related to XXX", is Google the drainage advertising products).

note: porn website profit: in addition to advertising, users pay, for drainage to other people’s website (friendship) is also their profit point.


is to discuss to a multilateral platform.

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