Where are the train tickets History of the most difficult to grab votes behind the industrial chain

in fact, in addition to the major browsers used "powder" tools, capital, giants and entrepreneurs had to watch the people just need a strong gold absorption capacity of the market, a number of capital city, and Ctrip, the way cattle and other online travel giant early layout.

December 29th (today), by telephone, network purchase can buy train tickets on New Year’s Eve (January 27, 2017), this also means that today and tomorrow will usher in the peak period of the Spring Festival rush tickets.

today at noon, in the brother at 11:55 login 12306 website, after numerous input verification code, still not get board.


with the ticket network popular, 12306 websites, mobile phone client has become an important channel for the Spring Festival railway ticket.

according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, see in the monitoring center Chinese Railway Science Research Institute of railway ticket system, 12306 technical support departments are hundreds of square meters of office hall. The hall was packed with people and engineers were constantly consulting and solving various technical problems. Large screen real-time display of dynamic data analysis of 12306 sites: a booking transaction average response time of 500 milliseconds, the site PV value over a day.

Until now,

was the highest in December 23rd (the ticket pre-sale tickets, the day of the twelfth lunar month twenty-four) railway ticket sale total 11 million 672 thousand. Accounting for road network ticket total ticket amount of 73.3%, of which mobile phone sales of APP 5 million 762 thousand, accounting for 67.3% of the ticket network.

According to

released in December 1st, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security and other 6 departments "on the 2017 Spring Festival to do the work of opinions" forecast, 2017, the Spring Festival passenger volume will reach 2 billion 978 million passengers, the railway passenger is expected to reach 356 million passengers, an increase of 9.7%. The total amount of passenger flow, passenger flow, pre stack each other, 2017 is known as the history of the most difficult to grab votes".

difficult to grab votes of the most direct embodiment is that in 12306 will last year by the burger verification code simplified, we have almost unable to use the only official online ticket platform ticket, even some short distance trips, do not rush in previous years from the road is also difficult.

"big book"

the Spring Festival rush tickets

Spring Festival in 2017, earlier than in previous years, the home is also more difficult to grab some of the tickets, a lot of friends on the 7 point to climb up the phone, the computer is ready, at one point on the 8 to grab the results… All of a sudden become no seat.


brother in login 12306 railway customer service website, Beijing to Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong and other neighboring provinces of tickets, especially to the northeast three.

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