The network capacity of the world three anniversary of the Shanghai annual conference live video bro

A5 webmaster conference room:  (enter any user name can enter the video room to watch the video)

            Organizer: Shanghai network alliance

assembly time:

December 18, 2010

assembly process (process to the day of the meeting shall prevail)

December 18th


conference moderator Jiang Changjian, Zhang Youwei,, Ma Yan,

09:00-09:40 conference address:


9:10-9:20 Yong: Shanghai modern business promotion center executive vice president / Secretary General

9:20-9:30 Zheng Min: cooperation center expert NDRC special national information network alliance director billion state power network CEO

9:30-9:40 Wu Changsong: Shanghai network alliance leader

09:40-10:05 annual celebration link

9:40-9:50 PPT playing Shanghai network history and business alliance features

9:50-10:00 shangmeng contribution awards and Shanghai network alliance all administrator at

(Awards: Wang Lizhen: the Nanjing Road Street Party branch secretary, director of the joint enterprise of Shanghai city of Huangpu District private association Lu Zhenxiong: Shanghai city women’s Federation)

10:00-10:10: shangmeng director Dr. Li Changjun (Chairman of speech units on behalf of Shanghai Shang Shi Landscape Design Engineering Co. Ltd.)

10:10-10:20 guest speech: Wang Z: gtss, Shanghui Yimin (Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Provincial Human Resources Research Association vice president and Secretary General


10:20-10:30 bank enterprise cooperation: Shanghai branch of China Construction Bank Internet Banking Department, general manager of

Shengrun Powell

10:30-10:50 Chen Yanjun: (Anting merchants cooperation) assistant manager, general manager of Anting Shanghai International Automobile City Information Industry Park

10:50-11:05 first keynote speech: Dr. Jing LiNbO China Academy of Social Sciences Institute deputy director tutor APEC e-commerce business alliance chairman

theme: focus on the macroeconomic environment of

network in 12th Five-Year

11:05-11:20 second keynote speech: Feng Nianwen billion state power network advisors theme: Electronic Commerce and the potential


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