Nora infringement case will be released this afternoon the punishment decision is still reconsidera

Nora infringement case will be released this afternoon, the punishment decision

June 26th news, according to CCTV reports, Nora infringement will be announced this afternoon, the punishment decision. This month 17 days afternoon, the market supervision administration of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Nora companies suspected of piracy to be punished 2.6 bln case hearings, listen to Nora’s arguments, the hearing will announce the final decision on punishment in the afternoon.

previously, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau on May 20 to Nora served a notice of administrative penalty hearing, intends to Nora alleged piracy punishable by a fine of $260 million. Then Nora put forward hearing requirements. If Nora is not satisfied with the results of the hearing, but also to reconsider the administrative litigation. (An Dong)

read: Nora was a result of the infringement of Tencent reported 260 million ticket has nothing to do with the jurisprudence Nora’s death: Baidu video push, the Tencent to report Nora infringement trial today: 260 million yuan ticket came

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