China online short rental side while touching the stone across the river

, short rent, may be the next ten billion market.


April 22, 2016, live in the three new board listed transactions, becoming the first landing on the capital market online short rental electricity supplier.

entrepreneurs and capital have been phase of this fiery industry.

way home network on December 2011 on-line operations, less than half a year to complete the A round of financing. Investors include light capital, CDH, Ctrip and HomeAway are impressively. It is said that at the time to take the initiative to find the way home investment institutions up to 100. 2011 can be seen as the first year of the development of domestic short rent economy. After a large number of short rental companies have been established, such as ants, love daily rental, rent short way home, pig short rent etc..

June 2015, foreign Airbnb completed $1 billion 500 million financing, valuation reached $25 billion 500 million, a month later, the way home to complete the D+ round of financing $300 million, becoming the first domestic valuation of up to $1 billion a unicorn; live hundreds of a completed two rounds of financing totaling 700 million yuan, the investment in venture capital institutions lack the star list in the end of February 2016, Huang Xiaoming and his wife; the bird, short rent tens of millions of dollars to complete the B round of financing. Between 2014 and 2015, the share of the economy to return to the land of spring, short rental companies have once again get capital support.

China has the world’s largest stock of housing, the tourism market to maintain 20% ~ 30% annual rate of rapid growth. According to the International Monetary Fund report shows that China’s property market is the primary problem of the vacancy rate is too high, the vacant space of up to 1 billion square meters, short rent mode can help developers solve the inventory problem.

according to statistics, the national housing lease transactions about 50 million times a year. Although renting APP accounted for is not high, but also in rapid growth. Survey of more than 2 thousand people in 2013, the tenants through intermediary rental property accounted for 65%, through the web site of housing accounted for 6%; and to a similar survey in early 2015, down to 49% through the intermediary rental ratio, and the use of professional network platform accounted for 20%.

due to lower transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, the mobile Internet has brought people, people and information between the convenience of docking in the rental market has played an advantage.

now, short term economic China apprentices with the capital side staking, side stones, has been formed in the way home, one hundred lives as the representative of the first echelon, the pig short rent, the ants short term as the representative of the second echelon, as well as the bright younger generation wooden bird short lease, the friend’s house the third echelon.

but after the entire industry blowout, reshuffle, after the outbreak of China’s short rental industry has not yet been born a phenomenal company, the industry structure is still variable.

even if the name of the subversion of the traditional intermediary rental AP>

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