One way it is more efficient than brainstorming to generate more creative ideas

has always been the fashion designers brainstorming, whether it is a good idea to generate artifact? This text, through the comparison of multiple groups of science, found a more efficient than brainstorming, can produce more good creative methods, is absolutely the inspirational cancer Savior, come back!



study shows that > has a better idea of brainstorming than people think for themselves.

the good news is that there is a more effective way to work in teams.

if you are a worker, I have been a boss or nine in ten colleagues pulled into the brainstorming meeting. Brain storm, the original intention is a good idea of the killer. The company is keen to work through this form of cooperation to refine the collective creativity of the team. However, it is not surprising that the brain burst is actually a bad skill – in fact, people in the process of brain storms generated by the good attention than they think independently of the time less.

fortunately, there is a better way to make the team more efficient – mind writing (Brainwriting, you can be understood as it is established in the paper and pen, and less nonsense. A group of people between brain storm). In a new study, the researchers tested the various versions of the method, trying to figure out what made people think better.

why is brain burst useless?

traditional brain storm in half a century ago because of the invention of the Alex F. Osborn and then a full invasion of the United States office. After observing this phenomenon, psychologists can not help but wonder: do brainstorming really have the effect of countless research projects, they summed up the answer: No. A number of studies have found that people tend to produce more ideas than others in the process of independent thinking.

‘s conclusion is surprising to many people, after all, there have been many studies that have demonstrated that group interaction allows members to develop their ideas and stimulate each other’s ideas. What critical flaws in the brain where? The brain storm will in general, only one person at a time when the speaker, that is often one or two people can easily dominate the entire brain storm trend. When a person is sharing his thoughts, others may forget the idea that they have just thought, or the whole group can not go out because of a person’s speech and the idea is limited by that idea.

Paul Paulus (University of Texas Arlington psychology professor) pointed out:


brain storm is a complex process, during which members must listen, think, complement, cooperate, deduce. From the psychological point of view, is a very complicated behavior, and people can not be so

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