P2P net loan exposure cashing difficult to set up a year days of the loan crisis

      following the network to win the world difficult to honor after the incident, the recent P2P industry has exposed another more intriguing chain payment overdue event.

September, Hubei Province, Xiaogan Tianli Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Tianli investment") under the name of P2P net loan platform "days of the loan payment crisis appears. The site was established in March 14th this year, the first project was released on April 25th, is still less than 6 months.

days of the loan in September 30th announcement said, "because the borrower Liu Shuqing, Deng Chun capital turnover difficulty appears overdue, causing the site has the user cannot cash phenomenon". Then the days of the loan in 8 days this month announced that the borrower "wang123" (the days of the loan registration) overdue problem.

but the site payment problem is far more than that from the end of September, the website has already stopped issuing, the customer service business and no one answered the phone.

‘s survey found that the days of the loan belongs to the family business. Among them, Tianli Investment Corporation Liu Mingwu has withdrawn from the company in August; his brother Liu Minghui, Emay Liu Jiangrong as a major shareholder of two other companies, has transferred the shares; the general manager of the company, is the son of Liu Mingwu, had just graduated from the University of Liu Jiawei.

payment crisis occurred after several days of the loan lenders at the end of September to the company, but the days of the loan did not give the actual solution to the lender in October was 13, Xiaogan city public security bureau. 15 afternoon, reporters from the Xiaogan Municipal Public Security Bureau of the development zone to verify the matter, a police said, the Bureau received the completion of the days of the credit report on illegal fund-raising event filing, and has issued an arrest warrant for the arrest of Liu Mingwu.

to participate in the rights of the investors said, at present Liu Mingwu, Liu Minghui, Liu Jiangrong and Liu Jiawei all disappear without a trace. Reporters call Liu Mingwu and Liu Jiawei phone, are not connected.

actually only six borrowers?

another investor said, issued by the days of the loan investment projects with the actual capital investment is not consistent, belongs to the subject of false. Since the establishment of the platform, there are only six actual borrowers with a total loan amount of 57 million.

reporter found that at least four of the borrower’s loan, in the days of the loan project bidding website found: the first is Liu Shuqing’s 22 million resort lending, but the media called due to financial fraud has been a police investigation; second is lent to 2 million Ma; third, to Dengmou 3 million, the the loan person this month 15 days in advance repayment of 1 million to 1 million 900 thousand; "wang123", the borrower said some problems due to site construction, also need to be overdue.

Many investors believe that

, Deng and "wang123" loans, its shareholders are involved in the days of the loan. They said that Liu Mingwu to do security, to the name of the casting plant 20 million of the loan, the borrower for the plant finance AI

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