Don’t miss the age of e commerce

      personal homepage era has long gone, you can’t reproduce the myth of Xing Ping Li type, you can’t build a Sina, a Baidu, but you can on behalf of the success of electronic commerce! The answer here is in the China network to the General Assembly speech topic "teacher Ma Yun network rise". E-commerce era has come, this is not an accident, which is the cause of China’s e-commerce industry 10 years of struggle.

      early years. In October 1992, the company was formally established, the same year and telegraph Bureau, Ministry of Posts and telecommunications in Beijing hosted the 160 telephone consultation Computer, automobile and household appliances market quotation line 1601188. August 1999, eBay was founded in Shanghai, in 2002, eBay and eBay alliance, renamed eBay ebay. In December 1998, Ma and 17 other founders released the first US online trading market in Hangzhou Chinese, known as "Alibaba", June 1999 formally established in May 10, 2003 the Alibaba group operations,

      today’s rivers and lakes. The three companies are the most representative, after several years of development, Ma led the Alibaba into the same industry’s undisputed leader, they have far older brother — HC behind, also the unbelievable eBay defeat, but the Alibaba has become the industry leader, and they are really the electronic commerce into the homes of ordinary people. The network groups have become can not be ignored.

      e-commerce era has arrived! The rise of the network groups has made clear in this era, anyone in the business of electronic commerce are difficult to ignore, e-commerce has penetrated into various industries, and changing the way of economic activity. There is a friend about the choice of the site to build entrepreneurship and e-commerce business, in fact, this is the choice of two times. Build a website to Taobao shop is definitely better than the cost too much, a website to make money to pay a huge part of maintenance costs, technology costs, promotion costs, security costs and other costs; and in the Taobao shop who need not have technical threshold, and not have the safety cost, need is enough personalized and attractive, and it is important that the profit pattern is very clear. E-commerce has been a shortcut, we need is in this era of e-commerce to do their own e-commerce, not to squeeze the last bus on the era.

      credit system is not a problem in the field of e-commerce in china. Alibaba Alipay made a model, network credit system is established for the Alibaba company to society the largest charity (the second half is Ma Yun teacher said). To solve the problem of the credit system, e-commerce began to enter the rational period of rapid growth. Through Alibaba,

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