Market capitalization from 300 billion to 2 trillion Ma Huateng said Tencent will become a new ecosy


September 5th, Tencent shares rose 4%, in one fell swoop over China Mobile to become the highest market value in asia.

September 6th, Tencent shares continue to rise, the market value of HK $2 trillion breakthrough, the world’s top ten.

September 7th, Ma Huateng issued an open letter to the partners, depicting the revolutionary changes in the Internet is the new ecosystem, and said that today’s open ecosystem has grown into a forest of trees.


source: Tencent technology

Tencent is not the beginning of a focus on ecology, but because of "plagiarism" for venture capital circles and the media criticism, until six years ago that the "3Q war" and "computer world" is a cover, Tencent is pushed to the media outlet, Ma Huateng began as a warning for the future, development of "diagnosis of Tencent". After reflection, Tencent proposed closed captive model has come to an end, open ecological era must embrace new, after Ma Huateng decided to open the first phase of the target platform: "the reconstruction of a Tencent, an external Tencent, a US Tencent".

this seems to be the Internet closed and open watershed, Tencent has become the beginning of the transformation of the platform model.

in the open embrace, the Tencent gradually give up the land investment strategy, the Tencent will be online shopping and pat Network sold to Jingdong, Tencent will give soso Sogou, other businesses are also given to partners, began to focus on the connection, focus on social networking platform, digital content and financial. Ma Huateng’s mentality has changed: in the past, there are many do not feel relieved, out of instinct, a lot of things want to do their own. We are now half life, we put the other half life to partner."


source: Tencent technology

now the idea seems to be turning into reality. With nearly two years of Jingdong, drops, the U.S. group, 58 city, Ctrip and other partners to grow rapidly, Ma Huateng believes that now the new ecology has gradually changed from "a big tree" grow into a forest, a "center" of the open sharing network has gradually been formed.

he further pointed out that the Tencent in the early development platform is regarded as a tree, partners need to be in order to get the entrance leaves and flow, but now the tree structure is becoming a "network structure to the center", the Tencent in the vertical field are constantly helping people grow into independent platform and ecological".

Before the opening of

, Tencent market capitalization of HK $about 300000000000, but now exceeded 2 trillion, the market value of the world’s top ten.


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