Ali micro business finally came mobile phone Taobao can open shop


] April 15th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, Ali yesterday launched a service to the seller’s shop "shop", features of this tool is the seller to complete all store operations in the wireless terminal, you can also share the social networking platform, pull flow.

According to

, the seller through the phone Taobao login, you can achieve on the goods, shipping and store management functions. On the goods through the completion of the completion of the scan code, the seller can scan the goods with a camera barcode can be on the goods, the scan can be shipped to express a single bar code, thanks to the construction of the scale of the bar code before ali. In addition, the overall process compared to the PC side simplifies a lot.

shop direct number

shop responsible person said, since the second half of 2 million beta, the seller, more than half of them are new sellers.

billion state power network to understand, shop the most worth mentioning is the "shop direct number, sellers can generate 6 bit digital shop by shop direct number and name card can be shared to the two-dimensional code, micro Amoy, micro-blog, WeChat, mail list, mango alliance and other social platforms to pull traffic.

shop interface

consumers through the identification of two-dimensional code shop card directly to the store, industry analysts believe that the era of wireless traffic bonus has come.

shop responsible person also said that the shop built Alipay platform "Taobao Wei loan loan", will soon launch LBS shop for wireless service.

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