Ari’s 2012 social network is similar to the site of the year of 2000


iResearch 2000 the Internet is like this: the Internet craze again, the industry forecast completely get out of hand. In fact, in many ways, some pompous. However, the long-term impact of the network, not only in terms of popularity, but also in the depth of influence is far more than the industry’s expectations.

is the same now. 2012 social technology is just like the Internet in the year of 2000. Industry forecasts overestimate and underestimate the importance of. Here are some of the same ideas that apply to the social sector from the development of the Internet in 2000.

2000, nearly 2/3 of U.S. consumers are Internet users, but many of these people only occasionally use the internet. But broadband has changed all this, and it turns the user’s "occasional" experience into an indispensable part of the daily interaction between businesses and people". The rise of broadband is far more important than the rise of network penetration.

now, more than half of Americans are social network users. However, as in 2000, a closer look, not the network penetration, but the technology available – the mobile phone has changed all this. Mobile phone will be a social experience from the only log in the computer into a daily life login anytime, anywhere". The United States this year’s mobile phone penetration rate will reach one in every three consumers in the hands of a cell phone. The outbreak of cheap smartphones in 2012 will make social networking a part of people’s daily interactions.

2000, everyone is concerned about e-commerce. The author of each of the company’s partners want to launch e-commerce strategy, and and other sites for some physical retailers launched a challenge. E-commerce market is huge, this is beyond doubt, from this year’s holiday sales of $60 billion will be able to see. But for most companies that sell products online, it doesn’t make a big difference. E-commerce has not killed the physical retail stores, on the contrary, the network has become an important strategic element of each traditional retailers. For most companies, they are not concerned about e-commerce, but services. Consumers want to be able to obtain relevant information before and after the sale, and each company must honor this commitment.

now, social business has once again become a hot spot. However, the industry’s exaggerated expectations of Groupon may lead to another disillusionment. As before, the real power of social technology lies in service. Successful companies are those in the social field to respond to user queries, did not live up to consumer expectations for customer service companies, such as Zappos and Comcast.

finally, in 2000, all the focus is on how the Internet will change the relationship between businesses and consumers. But it can be said that the impact of the Internet in the enterprise is more extensive than expected. Everyone has an email; everyone has an e-mail

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