Announcement on the selection of civilized websites

in order to promote the construction of network culture, and constantly improve the level of civilization to do the network, to create a healthy network environment, from 2008 to carry out the activities of the civilized site selection.

a, organization work

civilization site selection work in the guiding News Office of the State Council, the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the news office support, sponsored by the Internet Society of China Internet news information service committee. Selection office located in the Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center (address: Beijing, 89 West Third Ring Road, North China, foreign language building, room B, block).

two, standard

participating sites

, the 1 participating sites must be legally registered and the registration, abide by the relevant laws and regulations and policies, consciously resist the spread of illegal and harmful information.

2, is committed to the dissemination of advanced culture, and actively promote national culture and social virtues, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion.

3, to provide a healthy network of cultural products and services, so that civilization do network, the social benefits in the first place, and there is a certain degree of popularity among Internet users.

three, selection procedure

civilization website through self declaration, Organization recommendation, Internet voting, expert evaluation, etc..

with the basic standards of the website, you can fill in the "civilized web application form", reported that the work of the civilized site selection office.

four, Recognition Award

is held annually in December the national civilized site in recognition of activities, announced the list of sites of civilization, civilization site plaque and certificate awarded.

five, other matters

The selection of the work of the

related information reporting center web site on the Internet Illegal Information Network ( and the legal and moral education base "website ( announced.

China Internet association

Internet News Information Service Work Committee

two eighty in July 15th eight

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