Flash website traffic statistics ultimate solution

The company has recently developed a set of Flash based on the entire station program (the world’s first scene, because the station is stereo mall) a HTML file, but have to switch between multiple Flash files (on behalf of the three-dimensional mall scene), due to the statistics of the scene of the traffic flow statistics, need to find the Flash website.

The first step:

second step: several new HTML file (each file name represents a scene, such as shop01.html, shop02.html…), the 51 statistical code in each HTML file;

1. above the code I have been verified, very easy to use, and can view each IP in each scene to stay in time.

2.CNZZ, 51YES, ITSUN and other traffic statistics is prohibited by the use of IFrame, where the ITSUN will be the main flow of the main file rather than IFrame file traffic.


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