Crazy cool

got the news yesterday, this afternoon, CN domain will be sold at one yuan. One morning I work behind each stationmaster forum focus on trends, most Jihouhou waiting for registration, a small part of people like me on the sidelines. corn catering (COM is the official) celebrity blog

1, if you want to protect your own domain name can be registered;
2, if they do not have a website or BLOG registered a BLOG
3, is also good; we must consider the formal business registration, then do not renew to find people;
4, former registered to consider whether your registration is good, really valuable, and not to consider it a piece of money, from the point of view is not easy to save, a piece of money;
5, if you have a server, or do the dumpster, you can register the dumpster;

if you register more, every station do half-dead this time next year. In the end you renew or out, if you just take off one or several stations, not a waste of time and energy.

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