The Westbrook received 86 million yuan investment yaxia Automobile Shares

the evening of June 30th, yaxia car (002607) announcement, the investment 86 million stake in westbrook.


is the most China Westbrook auto insurance parity platform the earliest date, the company registered in July 2014, but the first sound in the industry is at the end of 2014. After more than a year of development, has been the most advanced insurance trading service platform to support millions of insurance salesman insurance industry.


core team was in the traditional Westbrook auto insurance, auto insurance and auto insurance telephone network has more than ten years of toil, knows the market pain points, on line sales of insurance salesman hardships is deep feelings. Therefore, from the insurance company out, out of the industry, from the channel of the millions of insurance salesmen to upgrade, gradually solve the insurance industry itself this intricate knot.

is a company listed shares yaxia car sales, maintenance, auto finance, insurance, and other business in a driving school. The business has the most complementary yaxia shares with the most natural westbrook. According to the announcement, the air base to take advantage of the network Westbrook, yaxia shares based on the line stores based on service, the two sides formed close strategic cooperation.

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