Group purchase website reproduced Juankuan escape instant payment mode now worries

September 21st, a company called "Euler group" of the group purchase website, after nearly a thousand successful group purchase fuel card juankuan. This is the "Lala" moon cake fraud after another vicious incident. Deceived consumers found that the Euler group was successful, because it signed an immediate payment agreement with the third party payment platform signed. In fact, many sites have deliberately avoided the group purchase instant payment and secured transactions, because the former is hiding too much mystery……

is an immediate or secured transaction? This is a problem

using instant arrival or secured transactions, is determined by the group buying business.

Alipay and three party payment platform have no right to interfere in the business


in some buy site, where the third party payment platform is playing in the palm

and buy a website to roll out!

September 19th, Nanjing citizens Ms. yuan can be found in a group purchase card called "Euler group" of the group purchase website, "the card face value of 500 yuan, price is 458 yuan, 100 yuan face value of the fuel card price is 93 yuan. I think the price is very favorable." The second day, she bought a $500 worth of fuel cards. The third day, that is, in September 21st, she found that the Euler group website can not open, customer service phone no answer.

in Nanjing with Ms. pan also cheated. "Because the website said that each person can only buy 5 cards each, I bought 5 of the 500, the 5 of the 100. At that time, I think the discount is not very high, more credible, coupled with the payment by the third party, I did not expect to be cheated."

Ms. pan

doubt that the fuel card did not receive payment, but it has to "Euler group" pocket: "usually I received after confirmation, on the Internet, Alipay will send the money to the seller’s account. After the discovery cheated, I hurriedly contact Sheng, the staff has said the time of the purchase, the money has been transferred to the seller."

and Ms. pan holding the same question is not a minority of consumers. They feel, your pre paid out group purchase models may be fraught with grim possibilities, but also may bring big trouble.

in the end what is the problem?

is well known, when consumers buy, the vast majority of the need to charge in advance, the money is to buy the site in the third party payment platform to set up the account. However, the third party payment platform and the way to buy the site between the checkout, not everyone is clear, it is not the kind of security that Pan believes that the transaction, but another kind – instant arrival. This is a lot of buy site deliberately avoided the topic, but also the industry open secret.

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