The issue of Copyright alert and nspiration of coral

was the sound of the trumpet, never blows, but still the battle started.

coral at present, which is right and which is wrong, is not important, but the copyright problem still.

this year is China after joining WTO in the N year, can not go to the hype the official declaration of the copy to emphasize the so-called copyright issues, but with the progress of the formal prosecution work of coral case, the Internet was forced back to the whirlpool of the abyss of copyright.

in the grassroots perspective to condemn the narrow-minded or Tencent Inc, or stand in the QQ to copyright infringement grounds to prosecute coral or the definition of the core of the problem should not be easy for the public to "bullying", these are just the coral incident reflects the shadow, the core of the problem still, copyright.

ordinary users never know, as long as a collector, you can in a day more than tens of thousands of article garbage station, not too understand a hotlinking, can out thousands of movies and tens of thousands of songs, many people will be regarded as the first network flow reference standard today, and the original copyright it seems not so important, as long as meet the needs of users, as long as the products are recognized by the public, the importance of copyright can be ignored.

network editor was only a short while ago, simply defined as a network of porters, people smile behind this name, in addition to low wage, more major work is most website editor that every day in the copy and paste, the biggest difference may be the Internet industry and traditional media industry is the threshold of minimum requirements for recruitment network network the company is also skilled in the use of editing tools, have a certain understanding of the network, rather than the general media that, in addition to high standards and strict requirements, but also through the systematic training and practice a lot of accumulation.

BT, eMule, PPLIVE; free video film filled with countless lives of ordinary people, the network is behind the record companies and film companies. Locomotive, CMS, Daolian tool one after another; each other similar content sites continue to appear, erode the original power.

now for coral events, can only hope that the Department of justice more fair and objective judgment, humanization consideration must form in accordance with the actual legal provisions, but the incident if simply defined as a kind of revenge, so the story behind the profound undercurrent cannot be realized, but also China copyright issue. The core can not be touched.

2008 is called China Olympic year, mark is also China rise, as the increasing development of the country, China Internet will have more opportunities, more business, also because of copyright issues, and met more resistance and so on.

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