The nternet Whampoa  vendetta former comrades now in court

            in the afternoon of June 21st, the video site Cool 6 network public relations staff busy to various media reporter mass mail. The content of this message is cool 6 network sued Youku infringement of the right of reputation case in Beijing City People’s court formally filed".

almost exactly the same scene took place 5 months ago. At that time, the two video sites to each other to court. The only difference is that the last time, the focus of controversy between the two sites is the film and television drama copyright, and today, the focus of controversy is the right to broadcast the world cup.

of today’s Internet industry, the company "slobber from", the final court already rare. However, Youku and cool 6 network dispute because of the special relationship between the two companies, when the family is particularly compelling.

Gu Yongqiang, Li Shanyou – they are the first to enter the Web2.0 era of the Internet video industry entrepreneurs, coincidentally, they are also the Department of Sohu".

Whampoa  Sohu

"Internet community of the Whampoa  military academy", if a company to be so called, this is probably for the company to know people use praise. However, from another point of view, it is also a company brain drain regret.

do not know from what time, Zhang Zhaoyang and his Sohu more and more Internet "Whampoa ".

look at the names of those in the Internet community: money summon wind and call for rain Zhongshan – Sohu former vice president, China financial president, successfully led the financial sector NASDAQ; Feng Jue Sohu, former vice president, executive director of the TOM online; Zhang Ligang – former Sohu marketing director, E dragon network founder.

if the name is not enough to prove that Zhang Zhaoyang’s vision, then present the most popular Internet video industry can provide a more dazzling list: founder and President Gu Yongqiang, former president and chief operating officer of Sohu (COO); cool 6 network CEO Li Shanyou (CEO). Senior vice president of Sohu and chief editor once; my music network CEO Wang Jianjun, former senior vice president of Sohu; Baidu independent video site Qiyi network CEO Gong Yu, former Sohu COO; editor Chen Hanze, former Sohu general editing assistant; aerial video vice president Ceng Fuhu, Liu Yan, once the Sohu News Center Sohu finance director, senior editor.

in the above list, Gu Yongqiang, Li Shanyou and Gong Yu had been Zhang Zhaoyang’s right-hand man. Gu Yongqiang and Gong Yu even has become the Sohu listed in Zhang under number two.

friend and foe

there is no eternal enemies on the market, but not forever friends. September 14, 2009, Victor Koo and Zhang Zhaoyang, I am afraid that this sentence will have deep feelings.


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