Stationmaster net broadcast STO listed family property leaked online travel change

1 STO listed disclosure of "family property": "National Express is a"  

China private express first shares finally surfaced.

the evening of December 1st, Edisi (002468) released the restructuring plan, STO intends to achieve backdoor listing price of 16 billion 900 million yuan. In a wealth feast released at the same time, STO’s actual controllers, financial and operation status of the express industry "family property" are displayed in front of the public.

started: national courier company is a

restructuring plan shows that in December 2007, was born in Zhejiang, Tonglu, Chen and his younger sister, Chen Xiaoying, was born in 1976, jointly funded the establishment of 50 million STO. Among them, Chen Dejun invested 27 million 500 thousand yuan, the shareholding ratio of 55%; Chen Xiaoying invested $22 million 500 thousand stake in the proportion of 45%.

2 big changes: Ctrip online travel department is facing two major forces besieged  

Ctrip and where the marriage did not let the online travel market settled down, in fact, the rapid development of the industry and the strength of the new players to enter the field, so that the industry has entered a new round of reshuffle.


in the capital of contact, Ctrip and go where most of the market share has been jointly mastered the air ticket and hotel area, but later the more upstream or the surrounding life service starting, let go and enjoy the articles can not have the cake.

group, Ali online travel in the hotel, ticket booking and other fields in the resort industry, take cities and seize territory, the way cattle, the same way and reluctant to give up the possibility of independent development.


, travel to Ali in the field of wine big new machine Ctrip attack, and in the money scene more broad leisure travel field, from the machine wine price war slightly withdraw Ctrip is a two pronged approach, the formation of the internal resort division, on the other hand, is also planning a repeat of the capital of the game, hoping to dominate the political arena.

3 market value of the evaporation of the 37 billion who killed the flash purchase myth  ?


the second half of the year, takes stock of capital market has been churning the sensitive nerve, while is using another gesture interpretation of what is truly an eventful year.

November 13th, released results warning: third quarter revenue of $8 billion 600 million to $8 billion 700 million in 2015, an annual growth of between 61% and 63%, and was expected to be an annual growth of between 71% and 74%.

on the same day,’s stock price drop. Data show that in November 13th, closed at $13.60, down 26.96%. In November 14th, shares fell again by 8.09%, to $12.50, and the plate also opened nearly 3 years the price of $12.02 from its $22.31 (>;

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