P2P market Q3 transactions over 50 billion how to affect the pace of expansion platform competition

introduction: net loan platform bad news, but this does not seem to affect the growth of P2P net loan transaction size. Since entering the three quarter, P2P net loan transaction size is still in rapid expansion.

net loan platform bad news continues to spread, but it does not seem to affect the growth of the size of P2P net loan transactions.

into the three quarter, P2P net loan transaction size is still in the rapid expansion. According to the data, the third quarter of 2014, the market continued to increase new entrants, P2P net loan market has expanded rapidly, the market transaction size increased from the second quarter of 38 billion 100 million to the third quarter of 57 billion 910 million, an increase of.

industry insiders pointed out that the regulation is gradually clear, active capital access, just need to be able to finance the P2P industry as a rapid expansion of the three boost power. In other words, the Matthew effect of the P2P industry is gradually emerging, the market competition is more intense. Combined with the report, the editors combed the policy background and market operation rules behind the expansion of the P2P market, several key points are as follows:

a, the rapid expansion of the industry behind the multiple factors:

1, favorable macroeconomic environment

Premier Li Keqiang this year, the first mention of the Internet banking industry, which is defined as an effective complement to traditional finance, Internet Banking for the first time to write two sessions report. Regulatory policy, following last year’s three red line, in September this year, regulators put forward the principle of the ten, although there is no specific document template, but also on the development of the industry has played a better role in guiding. P2P net loan into the Banking Regulatory Commission in principle, the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the positioning of the P2P platform is the information intermediary, the recent news, the list may become a negative regulatory direction.

at the same time, funds hosting, real name registration and other aspects of the practice has a better implementation.

2, big capital drives


Forbes nouveau riche list, 15 have been involved in the preparation or involved in Internet banking, BAT is an early layout, there are a large number of Listed Companies in order to improve its supply chain finance, rich industrial ecology, the large sums of money into the investment P2P platform, such as Lenovo recently 1 billion investment loan pterosaurs, listed companies as P2P platform endorsement, small investors more trust on the P2P platform.

or by backing a high degree of credibility of financial institutions to improve investor confidence in the product.

venture capital at home and abroad have entered, can effectively drive the development of large-scale platform. The rapid expansion of the investment platform, hundreds of millions of users to invest in media promotion, stimulate investment boom, enhance their brand awareness to a certain extent, to facilitate further large-scale financing (including listing) to increase leverage.

3, inclusive finance just need

trust, a high threshold for private equity, the stock market risk, the traditional narrow investment channels so that people see more in the Internet Era

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