WeChat’s new version of the online platform for the public to use only a small video authentication

February 9th news: WeChat announced a major opening measures – 6 version of the online video features, the public platform also supports the receiving and sending. This means that the public number verified by WeChat and fans can send each other a small video, real-time interaction. WeChat’s public platform to receive and send online WeChat small video features, only the limited number of certified public use WeChat. WeChat certified public number can receive small video from WeChat users, as well as the material sent to WeChat users, enhance public accounts and real-time interaction with fans.


WeChat public platform small video features


public number can receive small video users sent, and automatically saved to the public number backstage material library; the public number will insert a small video message, and sent to WeChat users. The next generation of channels, including mass messaging, custom reply, automatic reply. Funny forced fans can bring it on, cut out collection must be very surprised. Public numbers will insert a small video message in the text message, you can send messages to the user through the bulk of the message, custom reply, automatic reply, such as WeChat.

in October last year, WeChat launched a small video function for small video of new features, WeChat is described, can shoot a video chat or small circle of friends, let friends see you in front of the world, can make chat more interesting. Some analysts said that the introduction of the WeChat public platform to receive and send small video features, not only can drive the number of public and user interaction, but also can increase the activity of small video products.

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