The anti pornography office summary record last year 2016 will strike out

March 2015, the national anti pornography office to carry out the deployment of the "net net 2015 special action, strike out, deepen the fight against online pornography information. Based on previous net net action on the net net 2015 special action, based on the determined to adhere to play, to the main battlefield of the new Internet problem oriented, focus on key areas of inventory platform, focus on investigating major cases, action to carry out the strength, strength, effectiveness, subject to the broad masses of the people.

more prominent based on the ‘fight’". "The pornographic junk culture to beat it, put up a pageantry" is the national pornography Office of the basic requirements for the "net net 2015 special action. Case handling is an important starting point to pornography, is an important embodiment of "anti pornography" based on the "fight". Since the special action, the anti pornography office has supervise the handling of Jiangsu Zhangjiagang "1· 26" WeChat case of dissemination of pornographic material "3·, Tianjin; 10" trafficking dissemination of pornographic material case, 59 cases involving Internet pornography key case, as of 2015 November, has been sentenced to 13, administrative punishment case 11, case the quantity and quality are improved and compared with the previous year. All the relevant departments were investigating the effect of these 1215 cases, closed pornographic websites 20650, delete all sorts of harmful information to more than 100. Through the handling of the case to promote the implementation of special measures and tasks to further purify cyberspace.

more prominent micro field remediation. With the development of Internet technology, the spread of pornographic information to the micro field, the use of mobile phones and other mobile intelligent terminals, micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms to spread pornographic information. In this regard, the end of May 2015 to the end of July and early August to the end of September, the national anti pornography office 2 times for the continuous deployment of "micro field" as well as the network pornographic video, micro video training focus, to focus on areas of platform inventory as the starting point, deepen the "net net" special action, has announced two batches. 34 micro dissemination of pornographic information. A number of illegal enterprises were punished according to law, a number of illegal and criminal personnel were severely punished, remediation micro dissemination of pornographic information to achieve phased results, effectively purify the cultural environment of the network. According to the deployment of various follow-up measures continue to achieve tangible results. Guangdong to coordinate the relevant departments to close the illegal space, micro-blog home more than 12, the dissolution of illegal Communications Group 3100, close the WeChat account number 293, WeChat public account of 36. Zhejiang and Jiaxing Pinghu Kim WeChat group by the dissemination of pornographic material case, 7 cloud disk, use the WeChat platform to spread pornographic information on the case, the formation of shock and awe. Jiangsu sound technology monitoring platform, the province’s fans more than 50 thousand of the amount of the micro-blog account by one by one investigation, the formation of the whole network monitoring system.

more prominent emergency disposal. In July 2015, "UNIQLO indecent video" in WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking platform for viral spread, triggering public attention and continued >

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