Xu Yirong give up zhuaxia re start beautiful website containing micro blog elements


beautiful website home page screenshot


beautiful website users personal page

  May 27th, learned from informed sources, zhuaxia network founder Xu Yirong has sold zhuaxia network, and chose to venture, the new project will focus on the online shopping website "2 fresh fashion beauty", at present, the site is in beta stage, need the help of friends invited to participate in the registration experience.

it is understood that the shrimp network was sold last year to Douban, and integrate with Douban will. Earlier reports said, zhuaxia network development has encountered debt crisis, resulting in a huge loss of key employees, VC investment ACCCIM a source of investment strategy has basically stopped. It is worth noting that LIAN ceyuan had invested zhuaxia network and douban.net, combined with the two sites is not the investor’s match is worth pondering.

according to the "beauty" website to display, "beauty is a fresh fashionable Internet community, comparison can provide fashion, maintenance, beauty, small hand experience, online shopping service, is the popular girls search, easy Amoy network platform and community. Has been set up to find the baby, find friends and quiz three columns, registered users can pay attention to friends here, sharing the baby and quiz questions.

It is worth mentioning that the

, the site has been a combination of micro blog elements, users can pay attention to each other, so as to get a good understanding of the dynamic friends, sharing baby and problem solving, etc..

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