Do group purchase NetEase such as stall next year or shuffle


threshold is too low of chaos to shuffle

"are you in today?" This sentence has become a popular word nowadays, since the birth of the first group buying site in January this year, just a few months will develop into a thousand regiment war, very low discount cited no young people, I’m crazy for the group". However, the size of group purchase website makes numerous uneven in quality, fast group purchase prosperity at the same time, there exist more and more problems. Industry insiders estimate that the group purchase website, relive the era of chaos may not last too long, group purchase industry or shuffle within half a year.


buy 8 times the number of enterprises turned over eight times

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center survey data show that from the beginning of January this year Chinese first group purchase website was born, as of the end of August, the number of network group purchase domestic enterprises scale has reached 1215, the number of over eight times compared to January. Only in September this year, the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities, the number of transactions to buy up to 1 million 810 thousand people, the total transaction on more than $110 million. Especially do group purchase network like "stall as simple", only one server, 35 people, tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

0 fold lead to buy tide

Miss Chang recently ate meal "arrival" meal, she asked her husband and father-in-law, mother-in-law in a Japanese restaurant to eat four Hot pot dishes, the original price 639 yuan, group purchase price was 129 yuan, up 79.8% off.

Miss Zhang is just one of the Master group purchase ", the group purchase has been a whirlwind among young white-collar, small group purchase items for a meal, to the car, the house. Reporters saw in the Guangzhou buy site Daquan, most of the discounts are hovering around 2~3 fold, and some as low as 99% off, some even reached the number of 100 percent off.

group purchase "arrival" because the business sites are "burning"

reporter learned that many hit affixed to the discount merchants and websites, are in the development stage of propaganda, is completely in the burn". Guangzhou, a well-known group buying site operations director Pan Wenwei told reporters that some discounts to zero, or even 0, often merchants and buy network in order to enhance the visibility of the open situation. "The industry is still in the stage of" burn "."

problem 1: goods not board

would also like to eat home cooking

Wang recently group purchase dinner, the food component greatly reduced, although it is two people, but my husband and I only eat 70% full, but also home to eat noodles."

question two: limit too much missed birthday feast

Lee Group purchase a candlelight dinner for her husband’s birthday, set after the discovery, to book two days in advance, missed her husband’s birthday. If you want to do promotion, it should not create a threshold." Ms. Lee said. Members of the public also bought a few yellow dinner, but the location of the restaurant is relatively remote, feeling very inconvenient."

three: false discount price is more expensive than usual

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