Taobao shop how to constantly expand the external flow from the limited Taobao traffic


operating a Taobao store has been more than a year, in more than a year’s time in the shop began to flow from several to dozens of traffic now basically in a steady state, from the beginning of March this year, idle to some website promotion to your Taobao shop, did not think of the effect yes, from the previous 7, 80 traffic now shop every day 150, 160 flow, let me talk about my external flow widening method, flow of friends want to have their own Taobao store has doubled.

, a forum posting replies with the promotion of

forum to promote you Taobao owners should be very familiar with, it is a process of problem: localization of Taobao industry — select active industry forum – Forum – precise positioning to ask questions and answer questions. This process seems simple, actually involves many aspects, the most important thing is to pay attention to a few problems.

is a forum posting replies by promotion should pay attention to soft advertising, not straightforward post advertising nor indirect advertising, because this kind of advertising will affect your ID all the posts, see the moderator title processing is possible; the two is in the process of promoting the best is to protrude their own shop features, no special things the user is not how love; three is to pay attention to the top post, perhaps our posts are sinking fast, but this does not matter, every 2-3 hours to take a look at our posts, registered some of the new ID will be the top post why not.

two, the use of Taobao customers to promote

is currently a Taobao customers to promote online promotion core, a lot of the store is not able to complete the things Taobao are able to complete, in the face of this situation if we are relatively high profits, so the appropriate separate profit out of why not? But in the use of Taobao customers to promote also need to pay attention to some problems, if these problems hold not in place may cause immeasurable loss to the shop.

is to set up a reasonable commission, is not to say that the Commission is set to you 10% of the profits, but to stand in an industry of the overall look, we should not only profit is to let Taobao guest have profit, otherwise others will not help you promotion; two is to do online service, the customer is through the Taobao website to the customer, no matter where on the one hand to say this is the target population, so we praise rate must be greater than 98%, our sales must look, or see the customer immediately left.

three, Q & a promotion and promotion of micro-blog

Many shopkeepers see

quiz promotion and micro-blog promotion combination may have some questions, in fact, these two methods are interrelated promotion of kingcraft, Q & a promotion mainly Baidu know promotion and ask the promotion, and promotion of micro-blog Sina micro-blog and micro-blog are Tencent, in fact we can spread around these two steps. >

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