Consumers Association disclosed half of the online shopping products are not provided invoices

Consumers Association today released a double eleven online shopping survey report second. The report of "double eleven" online shopping goods delivery, return, refund of experiential survey results show that: as of December 4th, the "double eleven" online shopping goods delivery situation overall smooth, in 94 items, only 1 did not arrive. However, the defect of individual business platform refund; part of the business platform and businesses to provide an invoice or bill is not optimistic, there are as many as 47 models did not provide invoices in 93 items, accounting for more than half.

The report of the investigation of

, "double eleven" on the same day, the association staff to general consumers, were purchased from the 12 appliance business platform to 94 items, most of the goods discounts (below 50 percent off), online sales mark.

report suggested that some goods arrival time is slow. Online shopping goods arrival time of the fastest for 1 days in November 11th, under the single payment, 12 days delivery time; the slowest for 19 days, business interpretation because of "courier warehouse explosion, beat back the retransmission delay.".

according to the time of arrival of goods statistics, 15 goods arrival time of more than a week, consumers wait for a relatively long time. For the 1 models of goods not yet arrived, the staff took the initiative to get in touch with the business, but was told that the package lost, the staff directly apply for the return operation.

report disclosed that some online shopping products do not provide shopping invoices or shopping documents. Of the 93 commodities, the 46 provides the invoice (the 38 is the paper invoice, the 8 is the electronic invoice). Not provide invoices 47 items, 15 provides a shopping list or receipt, the remaining 32 neither invoice nor any documents. After the staff to take the initiative to ask for an invoice, a considerable number of businesses that can make up the invoice, but consumers have to bear the invoice tax point.

report pointed out that individual business platform online shopping process settings are not reasonable. Individual business platform in the process of setting payment, payment of individual goods orders when there is "invoice" option, but many goods have no unified single payment "invoice" option, and the system automatically default to "no need" invoice, the invoice for consumers only in consultation with the business platform or business again.

report that not individual business platform refund way. The samples were purchased, the staff used cash, Alipay, bank cards, and other payment platform accounts. However, in the seven days no reason to return refund operation, individual business platform will set the virtual currency for the money back to the preferred platform account or replacement, and not by the way consumers pay equal refund.

According to the

survey, the report suggested that the business platform and businesses should take the initiative in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, make the invoice issued by the return, refund procedures, procedures that fulfill their legal obligations to provide shopping documents.

in charge of the relevant person in charge pointed out that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the consumer protection law, to provide invoices and other shopping Documents >

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