530 undocumented audio and video sites were closed disk BT site survival status

to 17, the domestic 530 did not get the audio and video program license website has been SARFT shut down. For the emerging Internet industry, the rectification will help improve the legal awareness of the site operations, intellectual property protection awareness, and create a healthy atmosphere of the internet. But for those who have been accustomed to a free lunch for seven years, it is like a person who is accustomed to eating rice and is suddenly asked to change his bread. It’s not good to eat rice, but to get used to it". Therefore, we have reason to express gratitude to those who have used the BT website every day and the silent group, and look forward to BT again in the sun.

Will you remember the

tomorrow, yesterday you love

if you still care about tomorrow, once the fire escape

users have been unable to remember how many downloads G

I also accidentally turn the hard drive, just think of BTCHINA

for most Chinese users, the last month of 2009 was grey.

includes "BTChina", "Eden", including a number of well-known BT sites for undocumented posts and was closed, yo bird forced transformation.

recently came the good news, is called "eDonkey" VeryCD is for "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", the relevant license is approved in March 2010 4 outcome. However, many users grab food like crazy download, has made the newly restored VeryCD website speed is very slow.

BT is a free feast, a carnival of civilians, it has so many ordinary people and the world so close, but in the last month of 2009, to its dusk.

BT father

, an American programmer with social problems

2002, the 27 year old American computer programmer Bram Cohen, a flash, has developed a worldwide benefit users of the software — BT software BitTorrent.

its basic principle is that you do not need a central server, we are also in the upload download. The more seeds, the faster the download. Thus, the Lele has become the lele.

do not know is not particularly easy to genius with Asperger’s syndrome. "The big bang" IQ of 187 Sheldon is so, so is the case with Cohen. This rare disease that Cohen social problems, but also let his spirit can be highly concentrated. And he invented the BT software, it can be said that the gospel of the world’s friends, but also the most popular P2P software.

in 2003, BT also entered China, "BTChina", "garden of Eden" and other domestic most cattle BT sites are at this time to establish their own kingdom. Film producer hates

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