2016 national two sessions Xi Jinping speech signal officials do not do 5 things

all know that during the reign of President Xi Jinping, the official corruption hit is very severe, in the 2016 national NPC and CPPCC, President Xi Jinping also signaled, officials don’t do 5 things. What are the 5 things? Let’s look at it!

NPC and CPPCC is widely regarded as the Chinese observation window. How to observe? It’s a good idea to follow Xi Jinping. This year NPC and CPPCC, Xi Jinping has been to six missions, from grasping the work can not be sneered, "to canvassing bribery" zero tolerance "to the ecological environment," children can’t owe debt"…… Xi Jinping two sessions speech signal: these five cadres do not do it again!

1, Bulibucai of private entrepreneurs, not as

so, treat private entrepreneurs, leading cadres should do is "Pro business, security business, businessman". Do not do? General Secretary for private entrepreneurs to support the move, hold the waist: "if the government staff deliberately and not as can be reported to the relevant departments, the use of legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests."

2, active power, bribes, engage in bartering

let officials "pro" taking, for private enterprises to actively and top services, does not mean that the hands of officials can be lashed out.

such acts of bribery, overwhelmed for enterprises but often helpless. Today, Xi Jinping clearly stated: "if it is the main recommendation

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