Xuzhou awarding the first batch of 16 key public record space

comprehensively promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, inseparable from the construction of business incubator platform, high-quality entrepreneurial platform to stimulate the enthusiasm of the public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the success rate. Xuzhou issued the opinions, to 2020, will create more than 10 public gathering area.

technology incubator

Small and micro businesses

multi-creation space to follow a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution trends, effectively meet the network era of mass innovation needs new technology through the market mechanism, professional services and capital construction way of business service platform.

What is the main goal of

Accelerate the establishment of a

distinctive public record space

views that encourage the industry leading enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, investment institutions, industry organizations and other social forces to invest in the construction or operation record passenger space, entrepreneurship coffee, innovative workshops and other new incubation carrier. County (city) District Development Zone and high-tech zones, should make full use of old buildings, idle housing, commercial facilities and other resources integration and upgrade, to provide low-cost space for the public record space. Strive to 2020, the University Science and Technology Park, the focus of the provincial level above the technology business incubators have to create a distinctive public space.

create the public record gathering area. China University of Mining and Technology science and Technology Park, the city’s high-tech entrepreneurship service center, Xuzhou Software Park, relying on the construction of a one-stop service platform to improve the city’s public focus to create a demonstration area. Strive to achieve in 2020 to achieve public gathering district (city) area full coverage. Improve the scientific and technological entrepreneurship incubation chain. Help the incubator construction conditions of the nursery (public record space) – Incubator – accelerator technology incubator chain, according to the business needs of enterprises in different stages of development, to provide differentiated services, build innovation ecological chain.

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