Cen Leixin continue to learn to let the shop business

The operator

many retail stores will be the envy of those popular business shop, in fact, these shops are popular, naturally has a secret of their own, let us come to know about this case. Guizhou city of Xingyi Province, is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi key provinces, there is such a piece of a gilded signboard — Leixin cigarette and liquor vendor many the size of the shops in the town, like a flower blooming bougainvillea, in the center of the old city.


opened the 22 year old, has been developed by Cen Leixin and Lv Jili the couple runs. 15 square meters of large stores, cigarette sales in 2015 was 7805, the amount of sales of $1 million 566 thousand. For business, CEN Leixin has its own set of secret.

8 month 3 days, I went to the rasson cigarette and liquor vendor.

Cen Leixin, wearing a striped shirt Polo appears, wearing a black frame glasses, is the ornamental and the combined plain properties. Explained what he wanted, CEN Leixin invited me to sit down and talk up.

Leixin cigarette and liquor vendor management so many years, most still rely on repeat. "I’m not going to let customers go out empty." Cen Leixin said confidently. Then, there are consumers into the store to buy cigarettes. After several choices, satisfied to get their own brand. Customer name is Yuan Rongwen, is a frequent visitor Leixin cigarette and liquor vendor.

author asks: "how can choose so long?"

Yuan Rongwen explained: "I have no fixed choice, will try to, the old Cen will give me recommend several, he knows my taste." Look at that, Yuan Rongwen place of work near here, he’s always willing to go a long way here to buy cigarettes, as is the "early adopters", because Cen Xinlei always gave him recommended brand new and fresh, taste good, it has formed a habit.

Cen believes that selling cigarettes is a long-term cooperation, relying on the retail customers in the course of business and consumers to establish trust.

Leixin for cigarette and liquor vendor for more than 5 years old customers can take signing sales, and the sales are more than $600 for each cigarette, this situation is formed with a high degree of trust between him and the 5 year old customers.

I generally recommend more high-grade cigarettes, their own more profits, the state is also more tax." Cen Xinlei while chatting, while taking out a "smoke" (Indian fire) and a "golden leaf" (Tian ye), carefully wrapped, this is an old customer calls to order a good cigarette.

speaking of learning policy, it is Leixin Cen retail customers in the vanguard. Tax work in 2015 along the deployment phase of cigarette, he will be early on

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