Harbin has opened the train to Mohe County

in Heilongjiang, the scenery in Mohe County is a lot of people know, since the general public, hope you can have a convenient traffic, to visit Mohe County scenery on both sides, so that people can start from Harbin, feel the local scenery. Harbin’s first trip to Mohe County train 57053 sightseeing train starting. This is the second in June 10th first "Longjiang star" Heihe sightseeing train after second sightseeing train line.

Longjiang star No. 57053 Mohe County tourist train, consisting of 5 cars and 6 luxury tourist car general sleeper car, the maximum operating speed of 120 kilometers. The 57053 time by Harbin Railway Station 20:15 drive, the next day 9:13 arrived MoHe Railway Station. Sightseeing train will open the line 2 pairs in June 17th, 20.

Hatie CITS domestic center general manager Zhang Shiyue introduction, June 24th, "Longjiang star" in Mohe County, sightseeing train every day will be the northern lights at the two ends of the opening in the tourist season, the normalization operation. And in the winter will be opened according to the needs of tourists Mohe County tourism sightseeing train, the most original, the most magical tourism resources show to the domestic and foreign tourists.


train has a bright and spacious sightseeing hall, equipped with advanced seat, automatic mahjong machine, Cara OK karaoke karaoke machine and other recreational equipment, to provide meals, drinks and other food variety. Let the passengers in the comfort of the dynamic body, with wonderful music, enjoy a pleasant journey.

with this train, people can feel comfortable to travel, but also brings the comfortable enjoyment of Mohe County in Heilongjiang province is located in the north of Greater Khingan Range, the upper reaches of Heilongjiang coast, Chinese’s northernmost territory, Russia and Chita, across the river Amur region, under the jurisdiction of the tourist attractions is the most northern Arctic village China village the annual summer solstice season, will attract many domestic and foreign seekers to the northern lights.

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