How to name the hot pot restaurant to cater to the market

is Hot pot we love the delicacy, share in the food and beverage market has been very high, many people love this industry, Hot pot shop is attractive, has a great relationship with the store name and decoration, in the shop before, must give a special color Hot pot shop name. So you can guarantee the long-term profitability. So, how to name the hot pot restaurant? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

The basic rules and requirements of

hot pot restaurant name design:

(1) name design basic law

is a font about the overall effect, good recognition of good reading.

two is the pronunciation has the charm, is full of rhythm.

three is a combination of the original intention and the meaning of the font.

(2) name design basic requirements

is consistent with the level of consumer consumption and hot pot shop.

two is a hot pot restaurant name humor and moral.

three is the name of the hot pot restaurant and flavor, objects, habits coincide with each other.

four is the extension of the name of the hot pot restaurant.

five is the name of the requirements of simple and lively, do not easily change, pay attention to originality.

(3) hot pot shop name instance

hot pot restaurant name, some directly reflect the flavor. Such as "LaMeiZi Hot pot shop": some prominent spicy to geographical features, such as every kind of "Chongqing Hot pot", "cloud day Yunnan Hot pot"; some are take the characteristics of raw materials, such as "little sheep" and "Fuhua Cephalomappa" and "wood fungus soup".

for the name of the hot pot restaurant design, if you use a word to sum up, that is the name of the hot pot restaurant to be able to reflect the biggest characteristics of the hot pot shop.

if you want to open this store, in the name of time is a lot of attention, I hope you can remember, to store the name Hot pot is not an easy thing to do, need to follow certain principles, such as the name is distinctive, can make people remember. To store a name, just a part of the success of the shop, in order to achieve real success, but also do a good job shop decoration, dishes, such as the selection of a series of preparations, so as to enable you to successfully set up shop!

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