What are the benefits of a special Bookstore open

opened a special offer bookstore has favorable conditions and to what kind of benefits? The following small series of simple from several aspects to analyze it for you. Open a small bookstore or special offer there are many cheats and tips.

Bookstore open special offer tips

special offer bookstore owner purchase can press inventory, get a lot of cheap special offer books, special offer open bookstore to attract customers, 50 percent off sales, not to charge a deposit for the "pre rent" method for a large number of rental books, special offer Bookstore since opening the first half of the year, soaring profits.

many special offer for old bookstore journal or magazine. World famous books, books and other books are not relatively strong timeliness of relatively small amount of space, the owner can start doing business in this regard should be attractive.

special offer

General special offer bookstore business is more appropriate in the area of 20~40 square meters, is too small to provide a good reading environment, too much increased operating costs.

special offer Bookstore location suggestion

the general location of the small bookstore on near the school or some large communities more suitable, do not choose on the main road in the street. General small bookstore, you should choose a certain depth of shops. Facade width of about 1.3~2 meters is more suitable. This store is not only convenient for the placement of books also save space.

special offer bookstore shop experience

The reason

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