s free strategy really reliable

to showmanship, now many restaurants will free some marketing products, this is looking forward to get more customers, but the result often is not good. In fact, in a lot of marketing process, we are often limited to the idea of free to send, we believe that free to send things, others must like, in fact, this is a very wrong idea.

in the process of marketing the past, we are influenced by some marketing guru, as long as the free things, we all love, through free access to customers, in fact, this method can be used, is not to say that the method is wrong, but in the operation of the process to the individual conditions.


has encountered a problem of operation, the operation way also have deviation, for some of the primary customers, especially on the aspects of marketing and management lack of understanding of the customer, free is not one of the best ways.

this summer we conducted a test on multiple clients.

we found that the cost of sales than free, before the customer has carried on the test, face to face, the beer festival, two customers, a customer is the cost of sales by the customer, another is the use of free beer, the results after one and a half months of testing, found the cost price sales win, free beer, put up the shutters.


was testing found the problem is that, many people have found a door, two stores, a left a right, a free, a local beer cost price, the purchase price is 3 dollars a bottle.

so the cost price of this one, the beer by 3 dollars a bottle to sell, without any conditions, as long as it is to come to the store, do not take away, all in accordance with the 3 yuan price, that is to say there is no requirement, you eat mutton is delicious, dishes or even you don’t eat anything, just a bottle of beer, or 3 dollars sold to you.

another shop, although it is free to drink beer, but he can not do the customer, after the door can be free to drink on the go, do not make any explanation, do not order, they are attached to the condition of consumption of 100 yuan.

after the return of the customer data from the shop, we found that the customer’s understanding of the following:

The first

is that your beer is free, the other is certainly something expensive, here is not to make money, from another place to make money, so, it is playing the game cheat customers, such as real money at ease a little to drink beer to the heart.

second, the customer’s opinion is, free to drink beer, to attach a lot of article >

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