[money] secret steamed restaurant eight years to hundreds of thousands of years into the shop

involved in steaming vegetables industry Wang Fangyuan did not expect to be so long. With her shop in the same street at least 8 restaurants, the passage of time, 8 of these stores have changed hands, for the 20 boss. Wang Fangyuan and steamed steamed delicious snack, but can now earn hundreds of thousands years from the start empty-handed, called budaoweng". What’s the secret of Wang Fangyuan’s boss?

to Changsha Kaizheng delicious steamed snack for the Wang Fangyuan family is an adventure. On average, 2006 daughter son has completed compulsory education, the status quo of life with Wang Fangyuan saw a lot of people around the Changsha Kaizheng restaurant made a fortune, I also want to open a. That night she did not sleep, and her husband said the idea.

"anyway, now has not too much burden, may wish to try their luck Changsha". After obtaining the consent of her husband, Wang family came to Changsha. She didn’t have before eager, but take the initiative "to" Kaizheng restaurant’s sister in Changsha, understand the market investigation related to the brand steamed restaurant.

[comment] modaobuwukanchaigong. In today’s fast-paced, many entrepreneurs see which industry prospects blindly start, but gehangrugeshan, like open shop, due to the low threshold for a time you lose a lot of the rush on like a swarm of hornets, investing in the stock market, even more so. We can win, if not the full understanding and research, good industry may also do the business of losing money.

about the market, but also gradually Mozhun steamed restaurant business road, this time Wang Fangyuan began to choose the brand, independent shop. Is the price to seize the gold lot or save money in the alley, has many years of experience he awoken, "popular natural gas".

The core competitiveness of

[comments] steamed it is convenient and economic. Wang Fangyuan opened the store in the university city is clearly the best target to find their own products. To do business, a good location and accurate market positioning is clearly essential, these two problems are solved, the business will come.

chef must play

family comes from

is opened in the fall and winter seasons, diners >

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