How to join the Yangfang victory Hot pot mutton slices cooked in hot pot

from this era it is China mutton slices cooked in hot pot catering industry in ancient and traditional food items, Xiao Bian today is to recommend a traditional but promising market — Yangfang victory mutton slices cooked in hot pot shop

mutton slices cooked in hot pot

Beijing Yangfang victory mutton slices cooked in hot pot food group founded in 1984, is a collection of restaurants, hotels, halal meat processing and sales, logistics, education and training, and horticultural nursery briquette production as one of the private enterprises. The group is headquartered in Changping District City, Beijing town Yangfang victory group, with fixed assets of 100 million yuan, more than and 50 restaurants, more than 2000 employees. In 2008 the establishment of the direct management, chain development and processing and distribution center of the three entities of management and management departments, the development of food and beverage chain management and standardized management has laid a solid foundation.

main "," brand of halal mutton slices cooked in hot pot restaurant chain, is committed to the development of. The Yangfang victory is Beijing, mutton slices cooked in hot pot ShabuShabu source, since 1984, has a history of more than and 20 years, known as "fresh meat, seasoning, unique ethnic traditions, economic and efficient", strengthening the "five true" as the core of the service idea. We have the "Beijing famous trademark", "Chinese name Hot pot", "top ten famous Peking Hot pot" and "China catering franchise system outstanding management award" honor dozens. With the development of the chain business, the group set up the logistics distribution center and the construction of the main production base, since 2000, the company was planning to hire a professional brand, established a chain store development and perfect management system.

with its "fresh meat, seasoning, unique national tradition, economy and" the four major characteristics of world famous, Yangfang victory mutton slices cooked in hot pot through the accumulation of time, the years carved grinding is gradually formed its own characteristics, delicious carefully preserved, Yangfang victory fragrance authentic mutton slices cooked in hot pot, but not greasy oil, each side dishes are carefully selected, adhere to the traditional taste, try to do Hot pot, do Hot pot, more and more white-collar petty and welcome.

Yangfang victory conditions:

joined the mutton slices cooked in hot pot

1, the concept of identity development Yangfang victory mutton slices cooked in hot pot franchise headquarters, good business sense to respect the brand, not to change the brand intention;

2, rich experience in personnel management;

3, a long vision, with the potential for development;

4, actively participate in the Yangfang victory mutton slices cooked in hot pot to join our training, love learning, personally involved in the management;

5, adequate financial security;

6, the use of computers and the Internet, the ability to operate the necessary business on the Internet;


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