Harbin new district administrative examination and approval to achieve a negative list policy

recent rectification of Harbin’s housing is in an orderly manner, hoping to build more modern houses, so that people feel more comfortable. Harbin New District (Kazakhstan, Pingfang District Economic Development Zone) the full implementation of the negative list system of market access means "two pass" model approval service mode of the first business license was born, in the future, to be settled in the two district enterprises can choose in Kazakhstan handle administrative approval by the district administrative service Center for investment or Pingfang District approval service center.

this year, Harbin district (Kazakhstan, Pingfang District Economic Development Zone) to optimize the development environment, the integration of administrative resources, make a lot of exploration to improve the quality of service, following the January 1st Harbin district (Songbei core area) since the implementation of market access negative list, Pingfang District, ha CETZ actively follow up, through research and demonstration a lot of developed "cottage areas, Harbin City Economic and Technological Development Zone Harbin market access negative list", released in February 28th.

list of negative list clearly in the cottage area, within the scope of the Kazakh open to prohibit and restrict the operation of investment in the industry, field, business and other market access negative list. Including the prohibition of access class 93 items, 751 items, 224 items, 843 limit access items, and to further relax the market access regulation, optimize and simplify the administrative examination and approval, to strengthen market regulation and innovation, accelerate the construction of the market open and fair, orderly, autonomous decision-making enterprises, equal competition, the new system of market access management, clear responsibilities of government strong supervision.

with the implementation of a negative list of market access, in infrastructure mode existing approval platform, combined with the characteristics of the integration of the center, Hanan Pingfang district administrative examination and approval service, approval by the open area investment service center hall two platform. Two areas of market regulation, national tax, land tax and other departments to take mutual authorization, etc., for the registration of enterprises and other matters.

at the same time, access to public services the community function module, to achieve the "two do, interoperability, and as the carrier, the implementation of the" three list a network, Harbin Pingfang District Economic Development Zone, 166 administrative approval, 53 administrative service items exceeded the geographical restrictions and administrative jurisdiction, in two a hall to apply for. The enterprises and the masses to handle administrative approval and service matters by the time, area and manner restrictions, online submission requirements, online approval, the hall window once evidence, really let information "run away", let the enterprise and fewer people to run errands.

in the eyes of many people, has been hoping the government can introduce more resettlement residents policies to improve the living conditions of residents. This year, Harbin district (Kazakhstan, Pingfang District Economic Development Zone) to deepen reform and innovation in the equipment manufacturing industry, high-tech industries, modern service industry and headquarters economy, intends to introduce the industry promotion policy, vigorously attract producer services enterprises.

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