What should be done to the rookie sales staff in the meeting etiquette

sales staff will often meet with customers, how not to allow customers to see themselves as a novice, how can we make this cooperation more perfect? Rookie must know the sales meeting etiquette, to do more to prepare for all not the development of things don’t happen. How do you deal with the customer?

1. regards the best names. The door into the reception room, you may be the first sentence: "Hello, nice to meet you." But it’s better to say, "Hello, manager Li. Nice to meet you." The latter is much more enthusiastic than the former.

2. if you don’t sit down, you’d better stand. After sitting should not smoke, such as the other party to ask you to smoke, you should say: "thank you." It is not appropriate to get the soot and the matches on the floor.

3. don’t be eager to present your information, letters or gifts. It is only when you mention these things that you are interested in the other party that it is the best time to show them. You should give a detailed explanation or explanation when the other person asks about the information you have.

4. take the initiative to start the conversation, cherish the meeting time. Although the other party has been aware of some of your situation and the purpose of the visit, you still need to take the initiative to open. You can once again on certain issues into China, the national education, education group to emphasize and explain. It is also the need for politeness, and it also reflects a person’s mental outlook.

5. keep the passion. If you don’t pay enough attention to a problem in a conversation, the other person will immediately lose interest in talking about it.

6. when anger is hard to suppress, anger can cause you to lose sight of others and control yourself. It will not only help solve the problem, but will make things worse, should end the meeting early.

7. learn to listen to the art. Listen to two requirements, first of all to give each other time to set aside the speech, followed by listening to listen to the sound". If the other party speaks first, you must not interrupt each other. Should be prepared to facilitate the right time to respond to each other to encourage each other to speak.

8. avoid bad movements and gestures. Playing in the hands of small things by hand from time to time geography hair, stir tongue, cleaning the teeth, ears, fingernails, stared at the ceiling or behind each other such as calligraphy and painting, these actions have lost grace.

9. to be honest, frank, and control. If a small thing on the fraud, it may make your whole hard cast to waste. Each other if they suspect you are honest, you will all be not of the common sort as be cast into the shade. Who are not perfect in every respect is perfect, so you can honestly talk about or admit their own shortcomings or mistakes. In the third review should not be lost when the volume tolerance of others.

10. to be good at "mess", learn to express clearly. Be good at expressing people’s life. Those who do not generalize are often objectionable: narrative is not

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