Anji Huzhou farmers realize the dream of entrepreneurship at home

the last ten years is the rapid development of the Internet for the past ten years, the electricity supplier has become an integral part of people’s lives in a shopping channel, but also to many remote areas entrepreneurs to bring a new development opportunities.

is located in Anji County in the mountain area of northern Zhejiang, China Township, Chinese reputation has white tea Town, Chinese Township, Chinese ecological county chair etc.. Enterprising people in Anji, with a drive, in 2014 aboard the China electricity supplier Pokka county "list.

to farmers’ entrepreneurial wings

"online shop easier than other business projects, a desk, a computer and a broadband, people do business, less investment, low risk and quick." Recently, in the first phase of entrepreneurship training in Anji   (internetinnovation) dandelion; company boss Wu Yafen wrote.

The advantages of

"at the beginning of our training set only shop registration, shop location, flow shop and other basic courses, and now add a lot of new curriculum baby photography, introduction, development of electronic commerce Taobao operation." The county employment department staff Wu Bing said that after the end of the training, they organize students to participate in vocational skills appraisal, issued the corresponding national vocational qualification certificate.

2015 years, Anji County launched the network marketing division training, training electricity supplier entrepreneurship intermediate, senior talent.  , "at present, the formation of the Taobao training in the early, middle and high school training system, electricity supplier personnel training capacity gradually strengthened. In August this year, we launched a network of training courses, the combination of learning and training, classroom teacher how to open shop, students with learning practice, the class finished, Taobao store opened out." Wu Bing said.

real cash to help farmers entrepreneurship

"well, I expand the shop business funding problems solved."   recently, Dipu   (Chang Shuo Street) crane Le Xi Cun villagers Fu Songlin smiled.

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