Entrepreneurs need to apply for opening a steamed stuffed bun documents

delicious steamed stuffed bun is we often eat in the morning, a small steamed stuffed bun can also bring a lot of wealth, you want to start a business, quickly get rich? It opened a Baozipu, open Baozipu investment, the risk is very low, but you can get revenue is very high, there has been a lot of entrepreneurs in the open Baozipu success, the following small for everyone to talk about the need for what documents open bun shop!

open Baozipu, generally can be registered as a self-employed, no registered capital restrictions, bring your ID card to the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau / self-employed receive a registration form, generally three days or so you can get the license.

note that in some places (city) of the self-employed required to do name nuclear name, if there is the same, you have to change a name, if not the same, will send a "name of the approval notice". You can apply for the registration of the trade and Industry Bureau for the registration of industry and commerce.

received a business license, but also for an organization code certificate (some small place, without this requirement, the self-employed big city has begun to apply for the self-employed card), for the local local district / County Bureau of technical supervision.

with the business license, organization code certificate, to the Inland Revenue Department / for the tax registration certificate, need to apply for the national tax and land tax card.

on the food industry, but also need to apply for health permits can be certified, when the district / county health bureau. Generally take a look at the form, it is easy to handle. After they apply in the health certificate, is also very simple, to the Health Bureau table, pay, and then to the designated hospitals to do a physical examination on the line.

set up shop to do business is certainly not so simple, need to pay more attention in many ways, and now the food and beverage industry is so popular, choose to open the steamed stuffed bun shop, entrepreneurs who are not bad business! Before the shop, entrepreneurs need to prepare and do the procedures, small series in the above have been said, if you are interested in opening the steamed stuffed bun, then remember!

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