Zhengda chicken joined the details

investors want to join Zhengda chicken, the following Xiaobian introduce some specific circumstances of Zhengda chicken joined, we hope to help.

is chicken joined support:

training is the process of making

chicken joined

provide technical secret

lifetime technical update

site selection, decoration, opening, a special teacher guidance

long-term support, without publicity, a fire that is open

is chicken joined advantage:

1. brand: Zhengda chicken brand was founded in the Ming Dynasty Yongle fourteen years (AD 1416), has been nearly 600 years of history; chicken is a unique production process, called the originator of Zhengda chicken "". Many celebrities in history, leaving the word title plaque Zhengda chicken. The group in the same industry lead to a unique "chicken stew furnace" technology "to apply for and obtain the national intangible cultural heritage protection".

The advantage of

2. Management: Zhengda Group has chicken perfect business model and has accumulated rich experience in the market, also formed a unique business philosophy, can carry on effective management to the overall market.

The advantages of

3. Technology: International Culinary masters, won the "Asian Chef" title Sun Lixin served as deputy general manager of Technology Group Zhengda chicken; 2006 was the capital labor medal, and was awarded the Ministry of Commerce China "Ten Chinese chefs" title; once in the domestic and foreign technology competition won many honors, and led a group of senior culinary technician in the group work shop.

4. credit advantage: Zhengda chicken group always adhere to the "honest, in order to take advantage of justice". Therefore, in the trade and Industry Bureau, tax bureau, banks and other relevant institutions, without any adverse record. In 2003, the company was assessed by the Inland Revenue Department as a tax credit. April 2005 by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce as trustworthy enterprise".

Zhengda chicken joined the process:

telephone, online consultation, interview qualification confirmation by company cooperation, fill in the application form, signed a contract to join, submit information or location to store location: store decoration, audit staff training and business planning — decoration acceptance – Opening – regular guidance and promotion planning

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