Online search to join the project to figure out what problems

is now the development of Internet technology, so that all human activities are the indissoluble bound and network. Many joined the investment class website appears in front of people on the network, but things always let a person dare not believe all, then search on the web to pay attention to what the problem when you want to join the project, to find out what the problem. The whole network is a regular business to join the site, on the whole network for the project, let you 100 percent assured, are nowadays the most popular project, joining the investment risk is very small.

1 when the company established?

2 of the company’s shareholders and key management personnel

Investors and management of

3 so far, there is no action, please explain why?

4 of the company’s registered trademark? Is it a well-known trademark?

registered trademark of franchise enterprises have special significance. Well known trademarks will be protected by law.

5, several existing outlets? How about the operation of each store?

6. Please give me a detailed Zhiyingdian contact list, so I went to visit.

Outlets operating long

8 that existing outlets exist what problem?

Zhiyingdian now existing problems will be present in your store, and may be more severe.

9 company’s product is a patented product? Who is the patent?

patent products by special legal protection. When the patent holder and the company are not the same person, there are potential risks.

10 the product

> is the product market share

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