What is the case of studio name

although many entrepreneurs have mastered the skills and methods, related to the studio however, a suitable name still has a lot of difficulties. In order to be able to meet the needs of more investors, here Xiaobian introduce some successful cases of studio name, can become entrepreneurs in the reference. So, what are the name of the studio case?

: a case of studio name

Name: Peida studio

: Kai, meaning, inspiration; inspiration; start is to say through the great guidance studio, eventually completed the wish, to achieve the future.

studio Name:

two case

Name: Picasso


meaning: the name of a more attractive to parents, the parents of the impression of color mostly stay in those who master the art, so the name can use their names.

studio Name:

three case


studio this point

meaning: brush with the brush of the moment, draw on our today.

studio Name:

four case


art studio

meaning: a place of great art.

studio Name:

five case

Name: Yang Qi beauty studio

meaning: beautiful waves, like the wind.

studio Name:

six case


color studio Gallery

meaning: rainbow is a variety of colors, but also a symbol of versatility.

studio after a strong culture, therefore, more often in the culture when its name. If you are ready to open a studio, but do not know how to have a good name, then these small series are the name of the studio can be used as a reference case, you may wish to.

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